Wednesday 28 December 2022


“YEMOJA, a goddess associated with wealth, sorcery, and motherhood, is described as a red deity too.

Apter notes that the head priestess of Yemoja wears a red beaded crown and a red parrot feather.

Red in this case is linked to Yemoja’s control of fertility, menstruation, and sorcery-linked danger.

The spiral shaped horn of the IGALA antelope that is used in Yemoja ceremonies is painted with red Camwood powder, a material of that, according to MATORY, is used to beautify babies who have come into the world through the “fecundating power of Yemoja. “

Yemoja’s Temple in Ibadan, which is located, appropriately for this goddess of wealth, directly behind the market, features a large female figure whose surface is bright red. “

Suzanne Preston Blier

“Art and risk in ancient Yoruba-Ife history, power, and identity, C.1300 “

Art: Asiko Artist

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