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Chief Awosika, leader of the Western Nigerian Corporation and Director of the Central Bank of Nigeria, being shown examples of bricks used on Warren Housing Estate in Watford, by Managing Director H E Comben, England.

Date: November 1st 1960

Chief Festus Olawoyin Awosika (OFR) 1911-1965 .

In 1954, he was appointed as the Central Minister of Works, a portfolio he handed with a great sense of integrity and trust. His mantra was service to humanity and to the people.

He was Minister from June 20th 1958- January 31st 1961. When 400 acres of land at Bodija in Ibadan was acquired to be made to 1200 residential houses, Chief Awosika made sure that the land was sold on a one person one plot basis and that everyone had a fair shot at owing that piece of land that would later become the Bodija Estate, in Ibadan.

Also, under his Administration, 720 acres of land inn ikeja, Oregun was mapped out for Residential and Industrial Purpose, part of this formed the major housing and industrial sites in those areas.

The famous Cocoa house in Ibadan which was the tallest building in Africa at that time was built under the Administration of Chief F.O Awosika.

It was Chief F.O Awosika that stood up and seconded the motion for Nigeria’s Independence when Chief Anthony Enahaoro moved the motion in 1956.

Chief F.O Awosika died at the Jericho Nursing home in Ibadan. He was aged 55.

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