Monday 18 December 2017

Estonia Holidays and Festivals

Estonia holidays are jovial, celebrating art and culture. Long winter nights are made bearable by the highly anticipated Black Nights Film Festival, which brings the best movies from all over the world. Colorful events like Olesummer Beer Festival and Viljandi Folk Festival bring the old town to life.

Tudengijazz Festival

This jazz and blues festival kicks off many other musical events across Estonia, especially in Tallinn, Tartu and Viljandi. It is held early in the year, between January and February.
Baroque Music Festival
A celebration of classical music, this is one of the most highly anticipated festivals in the region, attracting orchestras and musicians from across Europe. The event tours the most prominent venues in Tallinn between January 28 and February 6.

April Music Festivals

Throughout the month of April, a number of music festivals are held all over Estonia, starting with the International Choir Festival, which heralds the arrival of the spring season with a choral competition. 

Estonian Music Days is another month-long celebration that recognizes the most prominent symphony composers and chamber music. Harpsichord Days Festival happens mid-month, and is celebrated in various towns like Tartu, Parnu and Viljandi, while the Jazzkaar Festival fills Tallinn Town Hall and Sakala Center with soothing sounds.

Day of Tallinn

This annual Estonian holiday on May 15 commemorates the birth of one of the most beautiful and historic European capitals, Tallinn.
Old Town Days
Held throughout the month of June, this festive is marked by medieval celebrations, parties, street entertainment, markets, and live folk music. It celebrates the rich old town Heritage of Tallinn's downtown district.


This July beer festival is one of the most popular in Estonia and is held alongside many of the town's musical events. Local groups perform, while beverages overflow on the Tallin Song Festival Grounds.

Parnu Opera Days

Held in mid-July, this event features stunning operatic performances at the Parnu Concert Hall, celebrating classic opera and its heritage.

Tallinn Pride

A week-long event in mid-August, Tallinn Pride is marked by festive parades through town.
August Dance Festival
The August Dance Festival commences late August. It celebrates the different types of genres enjoyed by Estonians and the Baltic region.

RainbowJazz Festival

The Rainbow Jazz Festival is a series of concerts and performances by young artists competing for the prestigious title. This event often falls in mid-October.

Tallinn FoodFest

The Tallinn FoodFest is held throughout November, attracting all kinds of restaurateurs, bakers and wholesalers who show off their goods to hungry foodies and visitors.
St. Martin's Day Fair
This Estonian fair is celebrated in mid-November. It features folk music, costumed dancing, feasts of local specialties, and handicrafts exhibits.

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

Held from November to December, this festival eases long winter nights with good theater. The highlight is a competition recognizing the best of Estonia's filmmaking industry.

Christmas Jazz

Christmas in Estonia is celebrated through a series of jazz concerts held at theaters and churches in Tallinn in December.

Christmas Market

Held early in December, the Christmas Market features all kinds of traders selling their wares and goods around the Tallinn Town Hall Square to a backdrop of live entertainment.

Christmas Village

This seasonal December event features traditional Christmas caroling, folk dancing and fairs at the Estonian Open Air Museum.

Midwinter Night's Dream
Held from mid- to late December, this film festival celebrates sci-fi and other cinematic works with futuristic themes.

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