Wednesday 23 March 2016


Songkran or the Thailand Water Fight Festival is one of the most important festival for the Thai people. It is celebrated as the traditional Thai new year, people throw water upon others people and pay respect to Buddha images.
This festival is all about cleansing, of which water is the main symbol.
Originally, people were gently sprinkle water on elders, family and friends to wish good luck. Nowadays, people will roam the street with water guns or whole buckets of water and will splash anybody in the street. Water and Fun are the main characteristics of Sonkran ! And April is the hotter month in Thailand, the festival will make sure your skin stay fully hydrated.
Thai people will also visit temples to pay respect to Buddha images and give food to monks. Buddha images will be cleaned during Songkran and people are invited to clean their house and removing useless items.
Songkran will be celebrated all around Thailand and the main tourist spots will be prepared for amazing water fights.
Be sure to protect your valuable items from being soaked by wrapping them in plastic bags or by letting them at the hotel and go join the festive spirit.



Thailand is an important aviation hub in South East Asia: Suvarnabhumi Airport serves a large number of airlines from everywhere in the worls. Shuttle bus, car rental or express train are available at the Airport.


Bus and Taxi are cheap and convenient to go the different Areas.


Bangkok has several train lines running through the city.
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