Wednesday 30 March 2016


National Indigenous Music Awards, NT

Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival
Cape York Peninsula, Queensland

Every two years in June, hundreds of dancers and thousands of visitors flock to the tiny town of Laura on the remote Cape York Peninsula for the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival. Aboriginal communities from across the Cape York Peninsula celebrate and share their culture through dance, song, art and performance. Families reconnect and pass down stories while travellers come to experience a culture dating back more than 40,000 years. Pitch a tent in the festival campsite, held on sacred grounds near Laura's renowned prehistoric rock art. Laura can be reached on the Great Tropical Drive between Cooktown and Mareeba.

Mowanjum Festival
Kimberley, Western Australia

Experience the unique art and culture of the Worrorra, Ngarinyin and Wunumbal peoples of the Western Kimberley, in this family-friendly, one day and one night event. Held at the Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre, the festival features over 100 Indigenous dance performers, boab tree nut carving, didgeridoo workshops and magnificent corroborrees. Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre is approximately seven and a half miles (12 kilometres) from Derby along the Gibb River Road in Western Australia's remote Kimberley region.

Walking with Spirits
Beswick, Northern Territory

Travel deep into the Aboriginal Dreamtime at Walking with Spirits, a unique weekend of cultural immersion held in late July or early August. The location is Malkgulumbutu, a sacred waterfall and lakeside site around 62 miles (100 kilometres) south-east of Katherine. Here the Jawoyn people share their story through traditional corroborree as well as dance, music, puppetry, film and fiery images. Camp amongst the paperbark trees and connect with the spirit ancestors who shaped the land, animals, plants and seasons. This is the only time of year you can visit this remote and beautiful location, and tickets to the event are limited.
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