Friday 18 March 2016


Ariwodola masquerade. © Olalekan Oduntan

Ariwodola masquerade comes out during Egungun ceremony and festival in Shomolu whenever they want to give chieftaincy titles to some prominent people in the society. The masquerade is made to come out whenever his services are needed in the town. His coming out is always full of fanfare, pump and pageantry because everywhere will be agog with a lot of fun. 

Ariwodola is a spiritual masquerade and he is always praying for people when he is out. He is a popular masquerade in Orile Shomolu whom has been coming out for the past fifteen years. The masquerade crowns new people by himself those who are worthy to be given various chieftaincy titles to in the society.

After the events, Ariwodola dances round the whole area praying for the young and old in the society. The peak of the ceremony is showering prayers on everybody wishing them more prosperous years on the surface of the earth.

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