Friday 11 March 2016


Namibia is extremely proud of its diversity and German roots, and locals like to celebrate with loud and colorful festivals. One of the must-see Namibia holidays on the cultural calendar is the Windhoek Karneval (WIKA), which features masked balls, musical performances, and, of course, carnivals. The widely popular Oktoberfest event is also worth attending if you're in the country.

Bank Windhoek Arts Festival

Held every February, the Bank Windhoek Arts Festival celebrates local artists and their work. It encourages the development of artists, helping locals establish a name in the industry and giving people a vehicle to enjoy the local design scene. A variety of events from dance and theater to visual arts are held throughout the capital.

Enjando Street Festival

Also known as Mbapira, the Enjando Street Festival is a loud display of traditional dance, complete with live music and national costumes that is held in Namibia's capital, Windhoek, every March.

Windhoek Karneval

The biggest cultural event in Windhoek, and Namibia in general, is the Windhoek Kareneval or WIKA. A remnant leftover from German occupation, visitors in attendance will feel a distinct German vibe throughout the festival. Held in April, WIKA involves a number of events including musical performances and a masked ball for adults and carnival and Independence Avenue parade for kids.

Africa Day

Race has always been a part of the national conversation in this part of Africa, mainly due to the apartheid and other forms of discrimination the people have suffered throughout the years. Africa Day, held in May in Namibia, is when local communities come together to promote cooperation and a peaceful coexistence. It is a celebration of the diversity of the people.

Kuste Karneval

Yet another remnant of German occupation in Namibia, the Kuste Karneval, held every August, is Swakopmund's version of a street party. The festivities in this coastal city take the form of parades, food stalls and all-night ragers.

Heroes' Day (Maharero Day)

One very traditional festival that visitors to Namibia may want to check out is Heroes' Day, or Maharero Day. Celebrated every August in the town of Okahandaja, this loud and colorful festival commemorates the efforts of Namibia's war heroes with military processions and traditional costumes.


Having formally been a territory of the Germans, Namibians naturally celebrate what has become one of the world's best-known drinking events, Oktoberfest. Beer, fun and games attract people of all ages to the capital of Windhoek.
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