Monday 28 November 2022


Have you heard of an Ancient Yoruba town called Sepeteri and its Mysterious history,?

Sepeteri is an ancient town in Okeogun Oyo state, Sepeteri is the biggest town in the Saki East Local Government Area of Oke-Ogun Oyo State, Nigeria . The people of Sepeteri are believed to have migrated from a town called Ifon which is located in Osun State. Sepeteri town can be found in between Igboho, Ago-amodu and Oje Owode to Shaki, Ago Are and Iseyin.

Any King enthroned in this town are called Obalufon that is the title of the King in sepeteri. The ruling families in sepeteri are Daodus, Baloguns and Ogboros.

Sepeteri is situated in between Shaki and Igboho in the Oke-Ogun area, Oyo North Senatorial District of the state of Oyo in Nigeria. Oke-Ogun comprises Of ten local governments. Oke-Ogun area is located between Oyo and the present Kwara state. The area starts from Iseyin and ends in Bakase, a small town along the boundary of Oyo State and Kwara State.


The town is homogeneous comprising mainly people belonging to the Yoruba ethnic group who speak the Yoruba language, although minority groups from elsewhere in Nigeria and Africa are represented. Like all other Yorubas, they claim descent from Oduduwa. The extended family system is important to the Yoruba culture.

Muslims is the majority religion here, with a minority of Christians and those who follow traditional beliefs.


Sepeteri is a town blessed with mineral resources. There is mineral availability in the area, such as tantalite, columbite, cassiterite, kaolin, and granite. The Oyo State Government is setting up a lapidary to process the minerals and an international gem stone market in the Capital city of Ibadan where miners can market their wares.

The town has tourism potential, such as Old Oyo National park, Iyemoja Shrine, Fishing festival, Old mining sites.

Agriculture is the major work of the people of Sepeteri. Apart from the primary roles of providing food and shelter, employment, industrial raw materials, it remains an important source of revenue in the local Government.

The climate favours the growth of food crops like yam, cassava, millet, maize, fruits, rice and plantains. Cash crops such as citrus, tobacco and timber also abound in the state.

The people of Sepeteri are Blessed with lot of natural things there is a river in this town of Sepeteri which according to history have a live crocodile which have palm tree behind it's back and it is still alive till date in this town.

Also in the Oke Ogun Area is a river called Ikere dam which has the capacity of supplying the entire southwest region of Nigeria standby Electricity.

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