Wednesday 30 November 2022

General Interpretation-Obi Abata (Kola Nuts) (Obara Meji)

Ajo "Awo Ile Aiye" & Abemo "Awo Ode Isalu-Orun" They both usually met at the unknown boundary between Heaven & Earth, they were told to make sacrifice so that a single woman may not cause disagreement between them. They both play deaf & refused to appease Ifa, they said "How can a single woman bring misunderstanding between Heaven & Earth. The Woman is called Obi, the wife of Abemo Awo Ode Isalu-Orun (Heaven). Abemo had gone to consult Ifa; he was told to make sacrifice for a child & money, Abemo made sacrifice for money only.

It is getting late in life, Obi has no child, she became sad, she ran to marry Ajo Awo Ile Aiye (Earth). Ajo heard & performed sacrifice for a child. Obi then got a single child for him. Then the year rolled by, the time for outing ceremony of the child came by Obi followed Ajo to meet Abemo. He was so angry to see that Ajo kept his wife for a whole year without sending her back to him, so Abemo began to say bad words to Ajo who voluntarily brought his wife from the world to meet him.

The fight became great between them. Obi moved clear from them to observe them, nobody to separate them, it became a bitter fight. When the two became exhausted and began to rest, then Ajo said, "It is a stupid fight that is staged between Heaven & Earth, there is no one to separate them, so that there may be confusion in heaven & on earth that is why Obi left me for you. Alright, you Ajo Awo Ile Aiye do not want us to ponder, and keep our words in the pocket. The Two of them became pleased, they came to an agreement, and they decided to kill Obi, the source of the fight between them.

Obatala was passing by and found the dead body of Obi by the tree, he raised her up and asked her how she got there. When Obi finished telling him the story of how she got there, Obatala answered, It is alright, I cannot question them, what they did is not bad. So, he tied Obi Into the same bag, hanged her on the side of the tree he found her from, he went his way...

((We Break Obi (Kola Nut) To Settle All Concerns Between Heaven & Earth))

"Gúnnugún ni ò to rí abe f'árí - Erè lawo àbàtà Adífá fún Èjìòbàrà tí yóó pa'bì f'Éríwo - Ò bá dúrò o mó'bì f'Éríwo “ Èjìòbàrà, ò bá dúró o mó'bì f'Éríwo Èjìòbàrà“

==The vulture doesn't get bald as a result of razor - Anaconda snake is the priest of swamps Cast divination for Eji-Obara who will throw Obi for spirituality. Do not wait to give Ifa Obi Eji-Obara. No matter the challenges you are facing, we shouldn't forget to offer the most important ingredient, Obi to Ifa...

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