Wednesday 5 October 2022

Ọba Ladapo Ademola (b.1872), the Aláké of Abeokuta (1920-1962) arriving with his daughter, Omoba Aderemi Ademola for the coronation of King George VI on 12 May 1937

Ọmo-Oba Aderemi (some sources also called her Adenrele) practised Nursing in Britain for over 30 years, she was so popular in those days because she attended many Royal social events with her father including a Royal visit to the famous Carreras Cigarette Factory, Camden, London in June 1937.

On June 27, 1941 she became a registered nurse (RN) at Guy’s Hospital, London having passed her nursing examinations after six years of training.

From 1941, she moves between hospitals; recorded at Queen Charlotte’s Maternity Hospital in London before being listed at New End Hospital in Hampstead in December 1942, having passed her Central Midwives Board examination.

She was also an actress, She played 'herself' in the documentary film "Nurse Ademola" produced by the Colonial Film Unit, a division of the British Ministry of Information between 1939-1955. The film depicted Ademola as an African nurse at various phases of training at one of the great London hospitals’, it was said to have inspired many African viewers at its screenings across West Africa. Unfortunately, the present location of the film is unknown.

When her father abdicated the throne in 1948, she was said to have returned to Lagos but later returned to the UK with a man believed to be her husband, Timothy Odutola (A.O.C The famous Ijebu businessman). They both resided at Balmoral Hostel in Queensgate Gardens, South Kensington in 1949. This was her last known address and no known record of her afterwards.

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