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The Culture Of San Marino

The culture of San Marino is strongly influenced by Italian culture.

The European microstate of San Marino is surrounded by Italy on all sides. Thus, it is not surprising that its culture is strongly influenced by the culture of Italy.

Ethnicity, Language, and Religion in San Marino

San Marino hosts a population of only around 33,779 individuals. Sammarinese and Italian are the two largest ethnic communities residing in the country. Italian is the official and most widely spoken language in San Marino. Nearly the entire population is affiliated to the Roman Catholic Church.

Sammarinese Cuisine

The cuisine of San Marino is heavily influenced by Italian cuisine. Cheese is an integral part of the diet and cheesemaking is an important economic activity in the nation. A wide variety of meats are also consumed. Bacon soup and bean, a baked pasta dish with smoked meat, and a dish of garlic and rosemary flavored noodle and chickpea soup are some of the popular dishes of the cuisine. Flatbread with various fillings called piada is also eaten. Many other delicious desserts are part of the country’s cuisine. The Cake of the Three Towers and the Torta Titano are the hallmark desserts of the country. The traditional Sammarinese Christmas cake is called Bustrengo. A number of wines are also produced in San Marino.

Literature and the Arts in San Marino

Most of the literature of San Marino is in Italian and considered as part of the Italian literature. The country is yet to develop a distinct literary identity of its own. Sculptures are an important part of San Marino’s art scene. Sculptures depicting the country’s history, culture, and important people can be seen in many places. Ceramics and stone carving are important crafts in San Marino.

Performance Arts in San Marino

San Marino has a rich classical musical heritage dating back centuries. The famous 20th-century composer C.F. Tassini and the 17th-century composer F.M.M. di Pesaro are from the country. The national anthem of San Marino is a wordless composition by Federico Consolo. Some metal bands are also active in the country.

Sports in San Marino

Football (soccer), volleyball, and basketball are the most popular sport in San Marino. The country has a national football team that is yet to make a mark in international competitions. The country also has a professional basketball team that plays in the top division of Italy. It has also participated in the European Cup tournament. Although athletes from San Marino have participated in several Olympic Games, they have not won any medals so far.

Life in the Sammarinese Society

Today, both women and men enjoy equal rights and freedoms in San Marino. The country’s women received the right to vote and the right to hold office in 1960 and 1973, respectively. However, some gender-based differences can still be seen in the sphere of education and employment where men have made greater advances than women. The scenario is, however, changing fast as more women are getting the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents outside the home.

Domestic units in San Marino are usually smaller than they were in the past, a change that followed the transition of the country’s economy from an agrarian to an industrialized one. The family continues to be an important part of an individual’s life. Children often live with their parents until they start their own families or have completed higher education. Elderly parents might also move in with their sons or daughters when they are unable to care for themselves. Divorce rates are relatively low in San Marino than in other neighboring European nations.
Infants are cared for by both the parents and often placed in public daycare facilities or nursery schools if both parents are working outside the home. Education is free and compulsory for all until the age of sixteen.

By Oishimaya Sen Nag

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