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Major Religious Groups in Scotland

Most people in Scotland are irreligious, with Christianity coming in a close second.

Scotland is one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. After irreligion, Christianity is the largest religion in the country with the 2011 census indicating 53.8% of the population identifying with Christianity. A comparison of census statistics from 2011 and 2001, however, reveal that Christianity has been on the decline (from 65.1% recorded in 2001).

Major Religious Groups In Scotland

Church of Scotland

An estimated 32.4% of the population in Scotland identify with the Church of Scotland. The church was founded in 1560 as a result of the Reformation and efforts by John Knox among others. Over the years schisms from the church led to the creation of several other churches.

Roman Catholic

The Roman Catholic Church was initially the dominant denomination before the Church of Scotland and other Presbyterian Protestant Churches were established. Currently, the Church has a following by an estimated 15.9% of the Scottish population.


The Islam religion is professed by an estimated 1.4% of the population. The arrival of Islam in the country can be traced back to the 1800s.


The number of Hindus in Scotland in 2001 was just 5,600 representing 0.1% of the Scottish population. The proportion, however, rose to 0.3% in 2011. The figures indicated that the number of Hindus tripled in just a decade.


Buddhism is regarded as a recent phenomenon in
Scotland . It is professed by about 0.2% of the population.

Other Religions Practiced In Scotlan

Other religions found in Scotland include Sikhism, Judaism, Rasta, Neopagan, and Baha’i Faith.

Major Religious Groups in Scotland

Rank Religion Population (%)

1 No religion 36.7
2 Church of Scotland 32.4
3 Roman Catholic 15.9
4 Religion not stated 7
5 Other Christian 5.5
6 Islam 1.4
7 Hinduism 0.3
8 Other religion 0.3
9 Buddhism 0.2
10 Sikhism 0.2
11 Judaism 0.1

By Benjamin Elisha Sawe

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