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What are the Republics of Russia?

The Federation of Russia is divided into republics.



The Federation of Russia is divided into 85 constituent units known as federal subjects. Of the 85 federal subjects, 21 are republics (22 if Crimea is included). The republics of Russia differ from other federal subjects in that they operate under their own constitution and have a right to establish own language. The republics are also granted extensive autonomy, though the level of the autonomy varies. Before 2010, the chief executives were being referred to as presidents. However, the federal laws were amended which reserved the title exclusively to the head of state. The republics also have their own assemblies that have often passed laws that are at odds with the federal laws.

The Republics of Russia and Their Populations


Population: 440,388
District: Southern Federal District (Europe)
Capital city: Maykop
Languages: Russian, Adyghe


Population: 206,195
District: Siberian Federal District (Asia)
Capital city: Gorno-Altaysk
Languages: Russian, Altay


Population: 4,072,102*
District: Volga (Europe)
Capital city: Ufa
Languages: Russian, Tatar, Bashkir

*Most populated republic in Russia.


Population: 972,658
District: Siberian Federal District (Asia)
Capital city: Ulan-Ude
Languages: Russian, Buryat


Population: 1,103,686
District: North Caucasus (Europe)
Capital city: Grozny
Languages: Russian, Chechen


Population: 1,251,599
District: Volga (Europe)
Capital city: Cheboksary
Languages: Russian, Chuvash

Crimea *

Population: 2,284,769
District: Southern Federal District (Europe)
Capital city: Sevastopol
Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar
*The Crimean peninsula is considered to be a part of Ukraine by most members of the international community.


Population: 2,576,531
District: North Caucasus (Europe)
Capital city: Makhachkala
Languages: Russian, Dargwa


Population: 467,294
District: North Caucasus (Europe)
Capital city: Magas
Languages: Russian, Ingush


Population: 289,464
District: Southern (Europe)
Capital city: Elista
Languages: Russian, Kalmyk


Population: 478,517
District: North Caucasian (Europe)
Capital city: Cherkessk
Languages: Russian, Abaza, Cherkess, Karachay, Nogai


Population: 859,802
District: North Caucasian (Europe)
Capital city: Nalchik
Languages: Russian, Kabardian, Karachay-Balkar


Population: 643,548
District: Northwestern (Europe)
Capital city: Petrozavodsk
Languages: Russian


Population: 532,403
District: Siberian (Asia)
Capital city: Abakan
Languages: Russian, Khakas


Population: 901,189
District: Northwestern (Europe)
Capital city: Syktyvkar
Languages: Russian, Komi

Mari El

Population: 696,357
District: Volga (Europe)
Capital city: Yoshkar-Ola
Languages: Russian, Mari


Population: 834,819
District: Volga (Europe)
Capital city: Saransk
Languages: Russian, Mordvin

North Ossetia-Alania

Population: 712,877
District: North Caucasian (Europe)
Capital city: Vladikavkaz
Languages: Russian, Ossetian

Sakha Republic

Population: 958,291
District: Far Eastern (Asia)
Capital city: Yakutsk
Languages: Russian, Yakut


Population: 3,786,358
District: Volga (Europe)
Capital city: Kyzyl
Languages: Russian, Tatarstan


Population: 307,930
District: Siberian (Asia)
Capital city: Elista
Languages: Russian, Tuvan


Population: 1,522,761
District: Volga (Europe)
Capital city: Izhevsk
Languages: Russian, Udmurt

Status of the Republic of Crimea

The Republic of Crimea was annexed by Russia as one of its federal subjects in March 2014 following a takeover by the Russian Armed Forces. An unconstitutional referendum was conducted in 2014 with a large majority of Crimean expressing their desire to join with Russia. While Russia and some of the UN member countries recognize it as part of Russia, most of the international community and Ukraine do not recognize the accession and considers the Republic of Crimea as part of Ukraine. Some of the citizens of Crimea have also refused to get Russian citizenship with about 9,000 Crimean residents receiving Ukrainian passport between March 2014 and October 2016.

The Republics of Russia

Rank Republic Name Population

1 Bashkortostan 4,072,102
2 Tatarstan 3,786,358
3 Dagestan 2,576,531
4 Crimea (disputed as part of Ukraine) 2,284,769
5 Udmurtia 1,522,761
6 Chuvashia 1,251,599
7 Chechnya 1,103,686
8 Buryatia 972,658
9 Sakha Republic 958,291
10 Komi 901,189
11 Karbardino-Balkaria 859,802
12 Mordovia 834,819
13 North Ossetia-Alania 712,877
14 Mari El 696,357
15 Karelia 643,548
16 Khakassia 532,403
17 Karachay-Cherkessia 478,517
18 Ingushetia 467,294
19 Adygea 440,388
20 Tuva 307,930
21 Kalmykia 289,464
22 Altai 206,195

By John Misachi

•culled from www.worldatlas.com

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