Tuesday 17 July 2018

5 Minnesota Wedding Traditions

Wedding traditions are a great way to integrate elements of culture and history into your big day. The wedding traditions you choose to incorporate into your wedding will vary depending on where you live, your personal values, and your cultural or ethnic heritage. You're probably already aware of common American wedding traditions like exchanging rings, white wedding dresses, and tiered wedding cakes, but what about regional wedding traditions?
In this blog post, we'll explore some Minnesota wedding traditions that make Minnesota weddings unique. These wedding traditions are fascinating because they really say a lot about the unique culture and geography of Minnesota. Have you ever attended a wedding that included any of these Minnesotan wedding traditions?

Dock and Lakeside Photo Ops

If you're in Minnesota, chances are that there is a lake within walking distance. Pose by the lake if you'd like to add some unusual and memorable photos to add to your wedding album. Consider posing your wedding party on a pontoon or speedboat, with shoes off and feet in the sand, on a dock with feet in the water or simply standing on the dock with the beautiful lake vista behind you. If you are especially daring, you could try posing some of your bridal party on a stand-up paddleboard or a lake trampoline (make sure these photos are taken AFTER the ceremony!). Beach bonfires are also great a great opportunity to include extended family members in your Minnesota wedding photos.

Beautiful Barn Weddings

Many couples take advantage of the Minnesota farmland and barns for rustic themed weddings. Perhaps you were raised on a farm in Minnesota and have always dreamed of transforming the barn into the wedding venue of your dreams. If not, there are numerous barn rental options available in Minnesota including many historic properties. The rustic elegance of a barn will delight you and add a magical touch of warmth to your wedding.
Scandinavian Wedding Traditions
Because of Minnesota's strong Scandinavian heritage, many families choose to incorporate food items (especially desserts) and some traditional dances into their celebration. Dances like the schottis and polka are easy to learn and fun for all ages. If you are planning a winter wedding, including such favorites as rosettes and spritz cookies would be a delightful addition to a dessert table.

Wild Rice Dishes

Wild rice, Minnesota's official state grain, grows abundantly in MN. There are so many recipes that include wild rice there is sure to be a family favorite that you will want to include in your wedding menu. A simple wild rice pilaf with squash would be a wonderful addition and will satisfy your vegetarian guests as well.

Potluck Wedding Dinners Complete with Hotdish

It is very possible to serve great food to your guests without sacrificing your life savings. You might be surprised at how willing friends and family will be to contribute to your wedding day. A growing trend in low cost weddings is the potluck dinner. These are quite often buffet style meals. As the host of the reception, the bride and groom should provide the main meal item of their choice, and guests should each bring a dish of their choice. Have a list of suggested items ready when guest call to inquire about what they should bring.

Located on beautiful Gull Lake in central Minnesota, Cragun's Resort is an ideal Minnesota wedding venue for your upcoming wedding. Our wedding planning services team will help you incorporate unique regional touches and wedding traditions into your special day.

*culled from www.craguns.com

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