Tuesday 24 July 2018

Montana Wedding Photographer

Kristen and Jason, who I first met on the slopes of Big Sky Resort several months before their wedding, are a fabulous couple, which should make this an easy post. But the truth is, I've been struggling to tell their story. The struggle hasn't been that I have nothing to say, but rather, too much.
I could talk about how they met at an ultimate frisbee competition and their team, Pants Off! Dance Off!

Or I could talk about their incredibly moving ceremony that included readings from Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot , which made me cry, and The Princess Bride, which made me laugh.
Or maybe I could just focus on their crazy dance party with shenanigans like Kristen rolling around on the ground playing an air guitar or the partiers singing Part of Your World from Disney's The Little Mermaid. (I still have no idea why they SCREAMED the lyrics to THAT song.)

Still undecided, I went back to the wedding questionnaire I ask my couples to complete and reread their proposal story. When I hit the end and found myself crying, I realized Kristen could tell their story far better than I ever could...

The Proposal

After a year of traveling for other people (weddings, birthdays, and ultimate frisbee tournaments), we decided to spend 2016 New Year's by ourselves. We love being outside and we both had wanted to see Big Sur for a long time, so we booked a campsite at a glamping resort called Treebones.
On the morning of the proposal, we woke up in our San Francisco apartment, loaded up the car with all our camping stuff and a fancy bottle of champagne for New Year's Eve, and drove down the beautiful coast to Big Sur. On the way, we made a stop in Carmel by the Sea and treated ourselves to massages. Jason really wanted to do mani/pedis as well, but I wanted to get on the road so that we could see Big Sur in the daylight.

The drive down the coast was absolutely magical--Highway 1 hugs the coast, so you have waterfront views the whole time. The scenery is amazing, and we even saw a bunch of whales along the way! We made it to the campsite just as the sun was setting and enjoyed a glass of wine before we set up camp. I'm tacky and I love Christmas lights, so Jason bought battery-powered lights and decorated our tent with them. He had also recently purchased a fold-up style camping loveseat, and as the last light of the day disappeared over the horizon, we curled up in blankets (it was actually pretty chilly) and retired to the loveseat with a couple of beers.

We saw the most amazing night that night. There was a large mountain behind us that hid the moonlight for a long time, so the stars were super bright--we could see the Milky Way! I couldn't believe what we were seeing and turned to Jason and told him how amazing this moment was and how happy I was. He asked, "can I add to it?"
I figured he was going to remind me of other wonderful things or grab me another beer. Instead, he turned on his headlamp, and pointed the light down to an open ring box containing my engagement ring. I looked at it, stunned, then looked up to see him crying and looking back at me. He said, "I would love for you to marry me." After excited, incoherent babbling and crying, I finally said a very enthusiastic yes!

*culled from www.beckybrockie.com

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