Thursday 15 June 2017

Festivals In Seychelles

Festivals For more than two centuries, Seychelles has been a melting pot of races, religions and traditions, fusing diverse ethnic strains into a trilingual Creole nation. One of the most important cultural extravaganzas in this tropical island paradise is the annual Creole Festival. The oldest 'pan creole' event in the world, this unique celebration is usually held during the last week of October in the Seychellois capital of Victoria.

The underwater life is revered during the annual SUBIOS festival, a testimony to Seychelles' eco-friendly commitment. SUBIOS is an impressive underwater film and image celebration that features a broad range of competitions for both locals and visitors. The festival helps in promoting the Seychelles and raise international awareness of the ecosystem.

Snugly located outside the cyclone belt, Seychelles is an excellent sailing destination. The Seychelles Sailing Cup, an international sailing race, is open to both amateurs and professionals. Different types of sailing boat can participate in the contest. Water sport addicts will enjoy the excitement of racing through the tropical water around the breath-taking islands.

Regatta is a well-liked charitable event organised by the Seychelles Round Table Association. It parades a range of lively activities that includes a Miss Regatta beauty pageant, a Mr Regatta bodybuilding contest, trade fairs, games, various exciting water sports and other athletic events. The activities are mostly based along the popular Beau Vallon beach. Tiny stalls are lined up along the street, and tasty smells of local gastronomic treats compete with the smell of the sea.

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