Thursday 25 February 2016


2. Festivals are an irresistible part of Cross River. They are a celebration of tradition and the ways of life of the many different communities.
Celebrations and dances are an integral part of our customs and traditions—
nowhere else in Nigeria will you find such rich diversity.
Every ritual and dance communicates and teaches something important. These festivals help to reinforce the values that keep our communities together and proudly celebrate their identity.

Calabar Festival
Held from the end of November to the end of December, the Calabar Festival is undisputedly the biggest and longest multi-dimensional, multi-faceted tourism leisure and entertainment programme in West Africa. Thirty-two days of exciting events, colourful activities and unprecedented. No festival can ever beat this Calabar Festival when it comes to amazing performances. This is the celebration of creativity and culture that blends with both the traditional and modern lifestyle of the people of Cross River State. The long feathered headdresses, the colourful costumes, the mesmerizing dancers and dance steps, the street parades and the bands attract thousands of people to it.

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