Monday 8 February 2016


In continuation of our lessons of pairing a corpus with the other ones, i will show us four more corpuses today pairing with the subject matter Iwori. And the corpuses are the following: Irosun, Oworin, Obara and Okanran.
Just like the norm from our previous lesson, if any corpus is used as a dominant and is made to pair with another corpus, the former be pronounced first before the latter. And in reference to our subject matter, if Iwori is paired with Irosun, they are addressed as Iwori Irosun while if Iwori is paired with Owonrin, the two are pronounced Iwori Owonrin.
When we pair Iwori with Obara, the two will be addressed as Iwori Obara while when Iwori is again paired with Okanran, they are both addressed as Iwori Okanran. All these informations are brought to the fore by Babalawo or an Ifa priest priest that is vast in the knowledge of Ifa with his divining chains called Opele.
In conclusion, each of the corpuses of Ifa treated today has its own oral poetic recitation belonging to Ifa attached to it. And the oral poetry rendition and recitation are usually done when the Ifa priest or Babalawo is divining. Next time, we shall look again into our subject matter Iwori pairing with another four sets of Ifa corpuses in our lesson.

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