Wednesday 10 February 2016


In today lessons, we are treating the last four corpuses of Ifa with which Iwori is pairing, and they are namely Otura, Irete, Ose and Ofun. As it is a norm since the beginning of this lesson, it is important for an Ifa priest to divine and bring messages forth before reading the poetic verses from such corpuses.

When Iwori is paired with a corpus of Ifa called Otura, the two are referred to as Iwori Otura while when Iwori is paired with another corpus called Irete, the two will be referred to as Iwori Irete. When Iwori is paired with Ose, they are both referred to as Iwori Ose while lastly when Iwori is paired with Ofun, the two will be called Iwori Ofun.

This is how we are concluding the pairing of Iwori with other corpuses of Ifa. Next time, we shall pick another corpus as a subject matter and show us how to pair with other corpuses in our subsequent lessons. I end today's teaching with a verse from the sixteen corpuses of Ifa called Irete meji. 

And it goes thus:

Ifa dun un ko;
Eniyan atata dun un mo;
A ki meniyan atata,
Ka ma a lowo lowo;
Owo pitipiti ko,
la fi n meniyan atata;
O difa fun won ni Irete Alaje;
To jekun owo,
Ekun omo ni won nsun;
Ifa je n la la la,
Bi ara Irete alaje;
Ifa je n lowo lowo,
Bi ara Irete alaje;
Ifa je n bimo lemo,
Bi ara Irete alaje.

It is good to learn Ifa;
It is good to meet prominent people;
You cannot know prominent people 
and still remain poor;
And it doesn't require a lot of money 
to know prominent people;
They appease IFA to make
all those things possible.
Like Ifa tells them at Irete Alaje;
When they ere crying for no money, 
no progress and no children;
The people eventually have money;
They have progress and children;
Because they know prominent people;
Everything becomes alright;
And they are thanking Ifa Oracle.
IFA o gbe wa o, ASE!!!

© Olalekan Oduntan 2016.


  1. Nice one....we have to trace back to our original way of worship

  2. Ifs irete as lake


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