Sunday 7 February 2016


Today, in our lesson, we are learning about a corpus known as Iwori. This corpus is all about going nowhere but sitting down at home in expectancy of goodies from home and abroad. Just like in our previous lesson, we are pairing Iwori with other Ifa corpuses to bring different sounds and meanings. 

We are looking at four corpuses pairing with Iwori in our lessons and they are Ogbe, Oyeku, Iwori and Odi.
If Iwori is paired with Ogbe, the two will be called Iwori Ogbe. But when Iwori is paired with Oyeku, the two will be referred to as Iwori Oyeku. When Iwori and another Iwori are joined together, they will be referred to as Iwori meji. Lastly for today, if Iwori and Odi are joined together, the two will be pronounced as Iwori Odi.

It should be noted that it is only an Ifa priest that is in the position to use his divining chains to bring the messages from those corpuses to the fore. Necessary things to be done after divination are also put in place by priest for his client. Knowledge of Ifa is known by heart and whoever wants to become an apprentice of the priest must be ready to learn and identify these corpuses by heart too. 

Poetry recitation of Ifa referred to as IYERE IFA takes a while to master for a new person just learning and studing Ifa. We shall delve into other eight remaining corpuses of Ifa in our next lessons. In conclusion, Ifa is a wonderful knowledge given to Orunmila, let us all cherish it together because it is not only our own but it is also a way of life.


Thank you all!!!

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