Tuesday 9 February 2016


Today, in continuation of our lesson, Iwori is pairing with Ogunda, Osa, Eka and Oturupon. When Iwori is paired with Ogunda, the joint becomes Iwori Ogunda while if Iwori is paired with Osa, they are pronounced together as Iwori Osa. Likewise, when Iwori is paired with Eka, the two are referred to as Iwori Eka and lastly if Iwori is paired with Oturupon, the two are called Iwori Oturupon.

Just like i have said in the previous teaching, the Ifa priest or Babalawo brings the above mentioned corpuses to the fore through his divining chains or Opele. Consultation must have been done by his client with money before he divines. All the corpuses are praised with oral Ifa poetry referred to as IYERE IFA when divination is going on by the IFA Priest (Babalawo). Necessary item of things recommended through the corpuses will be done to appease the oracle for the client. 

In the next lesson, we shall look into the remaining four corpuses that Iwori is pairing with. While the lesson is going on, we should have observed that there is a particular point where any corpus as the subject matter pairs with itself. This is possible in Ifa as any corpus that is made to pair with other corpuses can also get to pair with itself. And the corpus in question will not only be pronounced two times, it will also be written two times.


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