Monday 7 December 2015


The lesson today is still on pairing Eji Ogbe with other Corpuses of Ifa just as I have shown to us in the previous lessons. But today, I am pairing Eji Ogbe with some other four Corpuses and they are namely OSA, IKA, OTURUPON AND OTURA. If one Corpus of Eji Ogbe is paired with One Corpus of Osa, the fact that Ogbe is dominant, the two paired Corpuses will be referred to as Ogbe Osa. Likewise if Ogbe is paired with Ika, the two Corpuses will be referred to as Ogbe Ika. 

When Ogbe is paired with OTURUPON, the two will be referred to as Ogbe Oturupon. When Ogbe is paired with Otura, the two shall be referred to as Ogbe Otura. All these four Corpuses of Ifa have meanings, historical background and praises attached to them. And they also have sacrifices that an Ifa priest will request an individual to do in case any of the Corpuses comes out during consultation and divination with the Oracle. 

The Corpuses and their meanings are known only to the Ifa priest and he is an authority to interpret the messages from them to the people. Any Ifa priest must be very knowledgeable enough to interpret the Corpuses very well because mistakes through wrong interpretation can affect the life and progress of an individual, a village, a town or a nation. 

Just like I said in the past, the Ifa Oracle talks about the happenings of the past, the present and the future. And the accuracy and exactness with which messages are delivered is wonderful. Next time, I shall bring the remaining four Corpuses that I am pairing together with Ogbe and their meanings. 

Ifa o gbe wa o! Asa wa koni parun!!

Thank you!!!

© Olalekan Oduntan 2015

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