Saturday 5 December 2015


The four Corpuses that I will be pairing together with Eji Ogbe today are Irosun, Obara, Okanran and Ogunda. These Corpuses are usually in two but while pairing any one of them with another Corpus, its name and meanings change completely. It should be noted that only one of two Corpuses of Ifa is taken and joined with another dominant one to form the pair. 

And another important thing is that the dominant Corpus is much more powerful and stronger in meanings than the joined one. The Ifa priest must consult with his divining chain to know what the Oracle says before the chanting and explanation of the Corpuses can take place. 

The four Corpuses that I am showing people today are Ogbe Irosun, Ogbe Obara, Ogbe Okanran and Ogbe Ogunda. I have paired one line of Eji Ogbe with one line of each of Corpuses like Irosun meji, Obara meji, Okanran meji and Ogunda meji together to form different meanings. 

Like I said in my previous teachings, we are treating sixteen Corpuses of Ifa on this particular subject matter, and we have only treated eight of them. So, there are eight more Corpuses to go. 

Next time, i shall be looking at the remaining Corpuses regading pairing with Eji Ogbe. Once again, the Corpuses of Ifa we looked at today are Ogbe Irosun, Ogbe Obara, Ogbe Okanran and Ogbe Ogunda.

May the Oracle continue to protect us, Ase!!!

© Olalekan Oduntan 2015.

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