Friday 4 December 2015


IFA ORACLE has two hundred and fifty six corpuses and each of them has different messages and historical meanings attached to it. When any indication or corpus of Ifa appears on the wooden tray of an Ifa priest, he chants its praises and goes to the historical background and meanings of the appeared Corpuses. Any Corpus of Ifa can be paired with another Corpus to form a joint meaning with a different message entirely. 

In today's teaching, I am pairing the Corpus of Ifa called Eji Ogbe with other Corpuses to form dual messages and interpretations. In Ifa Oracle, pairing one Corpus with another is a norm but it is not the Ifa priest that will pair them together. The pairing appears when he is divining with his divining chain or Opele. 

The first Corpus on the picture is called Ogbe Oyeku while the second one is called Ogbe Iwori. The third Corpus is called Ogbe Odi while the fourth is called Ogbe Irosun. These four Corpuses have different interpretations and deep meanings attached to them. 

The unique and interesting thing about Ifa Oracle is that it talks about the past, the present and the future with delving into the historical occurrences related to the appeared Corpus. 

In the next lesson, I will talk about more Corpuses of Ifa pairing with Eji Ogbe and their interpretational meanings. Actually there are twelve Corpuses more to go on this particular subject matter. 

Thank you all!

© Olalekan Oduntan 2015.

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