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The 10 Biggest Cities In Mississippi

Jackson, the largest city in Mississippi.
Jackson is the most populated city in Mississippi.

The US state of Mississippi is located in the Southern region of the country. With a population of 2,968,103 inhabitants (2010 census), it is the 32nd most populous state in the country. It is the 31st largest US state with an area of 121,530.7 square km. Mississippi has 82 counties and 229 incorporated municipalities which can be classified into cities, towns, and villages. Although the state’s municipalities account for only 4.3% of its total area, they serve as a home to 50.5% of the total population.

The Five Biggest Cities In Mississippi

1. Jackson

With a population of 173,514 individuals, Jackson is Mississippi’s biggest city. Located on the Pearl River, it is one of the county seats of Hinds County, the other being Raymond. The city also extends into Madison and Rankin counties. Jackson was founded in 1821 as the capital of Mississippi and continues to serve that role to this date. It is named after General Andrew Jackson who played a vital role in the Battle of New Orleans and later became the country’s president. Jackson is home to several major industries like food processing, electrical machinery, and equipment, etc.

2. Gulfport

Mississippi’s second biggest city, Gulfport, had a population of 67,793 in 2010. It is one of the county seats of Harrison County along with Biloxi. Gulfport is located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and is subjected to extreme weather events including hurricanes. The port city is also a top tourist destination in the state by virtue of its sandy beaches, coast casinos, and vibrant cultural events.

3. Southaven

The Mississippi city of Southaven is the state’s third largest city. It had a population of 48,982 individuals in 2010. Southaven is located in the DeSoto County. The I-55/I-69 freeway traverses the city from north to south. Southaven is one of the suburbs of Memphis, a city in Tennessee. It is the principal city in the Greater Memphis.

4. Hattiesburg

With a population of 45,989 individuals, Hattiesburg is the fourth most populous city in Mississippi. It serves as the county seat of the Forrest County. It also extends into Lamar County. The city was established in 1882 and incorporated in 1884. In the initial years of its founding, Hattiesburg was a center of the railroad and lumber industry. Today, it has a much-diversified economy. The University of Southern Mississippi is located in the city.

5. Biloxi

Biloxi is Mississippi’s fifth most populous city. It had a population of 44,054 as per the 2010 Census. Biloxi is one of the county seats of Harrison County. Biloxi's position on the Mississippi Sound makes it highly vulnerable to natural disasters. In the past, it was the state’s third most populous city. However, widespread flooding and destruction forced many of its residents to leave the city. The population decrease was especially noticeable after the havoc created by Hurricane Katrina.

The Smallest Municipality In Mississippi

With a population of only 55 residents (2010 Census), Satartia is the smallest municipality in the state. It is a village located on the Yazoo River’s east bank in Yazoo County.

The Largest And Smallest Municipalities By Area

Jackson is not only the most populous city of Mississippi but also its largest by area. It spans 287.6 square km. Sidon is the smallest city in the state areawise. It occupies only 0.31 square km.

The Oldest Municipality In Mississippi

Natchez is the state’s oldest municipality. It was incorporated on March 10, 1803.

The 10 Biggest Cities In Mississippi

Rank Name County Population (2010)
Land area (2010) in square km

1 Jackson Hinds, Madison, Rankin 1,73,514287.6
2 Gulfport Harrison 67,793144.0
3 Southaven DeSoto 48,982106.8
4 Hattiesburg Forrest, Lamar 45,989138.3
5 Biloxi Harrison 44,05499.0
6 Meridian Lauderdale 41,148139.2
7 TupeloLee 34,546132.5
8 Greenville Washington 34,40069.6
9 Olive Branch DeSoto 33,48495.1
10 Horn Lake DeSoto 26,06641.5

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