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The Biggest Cities In Hawaii

Honolulu, the largest city in Hawaii.
Honolulu is the most populous settlement in Hawaii.

Hawaii is the only American state made up entirely of islands. Located in Oceania, the state of Hawaii has a total area of 10,931 square miles ranking 43 rd in size among the states and territories of the United States. Hawaii’s coastline is among the longest in the US at 750 miles. According to the 2016 estimate, the state had a population of 1,428,557, with a population density of 214 people per square mile ranking Hawaii at number 13 among the most densely populated in America. Hawaii has eight main islands including the island of Hawai’i, Maui, and O’ahu.

Largest Cities in Hawaii


With a population of 337,256, Honolulu is the largest city in the state of Hawaii. Located on the island of O’ahu, Honolulu is the largest city as well as the state capital. The city encompasses 68.4 square miles on the southeast coast of the island. Honolulu is the US's westernmost major city and the world's most remote major city.

East Honolulu

East Honolulu is the second most populated settlement in Hawaii. The US Census Bureau defines East Honolulu as a census-designated place (CDP). The area had a population of 49,914 in the 2010 census. East Honolulu seats on a total area of 3.4 square miles with water covering 33.22%. East Honolulu is part of Honolulu County on the island of O’ahu.

Pearl City

The third most populated settlement in Hawaii has a population of 47,698 according to the 2010 census. Pearl City is in the Island of O’ahu in Ewa District and has a total area of 5.8 square miles, of which water covers 14.29%. The Asian-Pacific Islanders made up 59.57% of the population with the Whites and African Americans being 17.24% and 2.71% respectively. The people of Pearl City had a median age of 37 years with 6.2% of the population living below the poverty line.


Hilo is on the Island of Hawai’i and is the most significant settlement in Hawaii being the county seat of Hawaii County. Hilo has a total area of 58.3 square miles, with water taking up 8.4%. The 2010 census placed the population at 43,263 ranking Hilo fourth in Hawaii. With a population density of 796.7 people per square mile, the region of Hilo had Whites accounting for 17.61% of the population and Asians making up 34.29%. A bout 24.3% of the households in Hilo had children below the age of 18 years.

Demographics of Hawaii

The 2010 census identified Asians as the most
significant group in the population at 38.6% followed by Whites at 24.7%. Filipino Americans make up 14.6% of the Asian residents in Hawaii. In 2014, a Pew poll established that 63% of the population was Christian followed by the Buddhist religion at 8%. The American Community Survey done in 2008 showed that 74.6% of Hawaiians spoke English at home with 21.0% speaking an additional Asian language.

The Most Populated Settlements In Hawaii

Rank Name Population

1 Honolulu 337,256
2 East Honolulu 49,914
3 Pearl City 47,698
4 Hilo 43,263
5 Kailua 38,635
6 Waipahu 38,216
7 Kaneohe 34,597
8 Mililani Town 27,629
9 Kahului 26,337
10 Ewa Gentry 22,690
11 Mililani Mauka 21,039
12 Kihei 20,881
13 Makakilo 18,248
14 Wahiawa 17,821
15 Schofield Barracks 16,370
16 Wailuku 15,313
17 Kapolei 15,186
18 Ewa Beach 14,955
19 Royal Kunia 14,525
20 Halawa 14,014

By Benjamin Elisha Sawe

•culled from www.worldatlas.com

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