Monday 24 February 2020

Music Of Argentina Yesterday and Today

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Argentina covers most of the southern half of South America and is the home of both European and indigenous musical styles. Settled in the seventeenth century by the Spanish, other Europeans migrated over the next three centuries to make Argentina a true South American melting pot. It’s not surprising that Argentina’s music reflects a wealth of European and indigenous influences.

The History of Argentinian Music

In the 20th century, Western Classical Music traditions were explored by such composers as Alberto Ginastera. Western popular traditions were incorporated into the music of Lalo Schiffrin, while many less well-known names added to the mix of musical styles cultivated.


Folclore is a general term used for many specific genres of music. Candombe, carnavalito, cumbia, media cana, polka, and rasquido doble are just some of the styles of music that have either originated or are practiced in Argentina.

Of course, the best-known music from Argentina is the tango. Famed Argentinean musicians from Carlos Gardel to Astor Piazzolla have ensured that the tango is sung and danced worldwide. For a sampling of both vocal and instrumental tangos, as well as other Argentine folk music, the album Argentina Canta Asi is a good place to start.

Argentinian Music Today

Argentina has lately provided us with some great rock music, most notably from singer Fito Paez and ​Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.

If you’re interested in listening to the rock sound of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, try their compilation album Vasos Vacios. It contains their hard rock hit single “Matador” and a great duet with Cuban salsa diva Celia Cruz.

By Tijana Ilich

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