Saturday 18 November 2017

Vanuatu - Food and Restaurants

Visitors in Vanuatu will not run out of dining options. Apart from the stellar restaurants usually attached to hotels and resorts, they will easily find unique dining experiences such as that in The Barge Floating Restaurant or those in any of the fusion restaurants in Port Vila.

Because of the long history with the French, however, it is French cuisine that has had a strong influence on local fare local ingredients cooked the French way. Those wishing to try traditional Vanuatu food can sample the laplap , which is yam, manioc fruit, or banana grated and then smothered with coconut cream. It is then cooked slowly in an earth oven where it solidifies into a cake-like consistency.

As for drinks, visitors will easily find many bars opening to locals and visitors at night in the country's capital Port Vila. Local beers such asTusker and Vanuatu Bitter are served and are worth a try. The more traditional beverage, however, is kava , a very strong drink brewed from a type of pepper plant.

Bars and Pubbing in Vanuatu

Perhaps the most popular Western style sports bar on Efate Islandis Anchor Inn (Port Vila Waterfront). Some of the more important sporting events are televised here, makingfor a lively atmosphere. A wide variety of drinks is served here, too:Tusker, spirits, cocktails, and soft drinks. The bar is also a good place to catch the sunset.
Those traveling with their families have no reason to abstain from Vanuatu's great nightlife.

Something the kids will enjoy are the fire shows at Beach Bar (Port Vila). Every Friday, Beach Bar showcases firedancing, firepois, and firesticks to awe both the young and the young-at-heart. The great music, food, and drink sat this place do help, of course.

Dining and Cuisine in Vanuatu

French cuisine has had a strong influence on how local ingredients are prepared onthe island. Some of the best-tasting French dishes in Vanuatu can be had in Restaurant le Jardin des Saveurs (Luganville), open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant features delicately prepared seafood such as lobsters, snails, and river prawns.

One unique dining experience to be had in Vanuatu is a meal at The Barge Floating Restaurant (Port Vila).The setting is incomparable and the food excellent. While you dine and perhaps have a cocktail or two, The Barge lazily cruises along past small villages and luxury resorts at sunset.

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