Wednesday 22 November 2017

Armenia - Food and Restaurants

Armenian cuisine is one of the pillars of the country's culture, with every city offering delicious traditional dishes like grilled meats and rich stews. There area range of options and so many things to try, but travelers in search of the widest variety and the best quality should stay with Yerevan, and the same goes for bars. From high end wine bars and jovial local pubs to bustling night clubs knocking out the latest Top 40 hits, this city has it all.

Bars and Pubbing in Armenia

Nighttime in Armenia is rather quiet unless you're in Yerevan. The capital is the country's undisputed party destination with plenty of bars and clubs dotted around the city.
Drinking can literally be done anywhere in Armenia as there are no prohibitive laws, but Yerevan's Republic Square and the establishments near the Opera are generally the place to be during the summertime. Spots like Tro's Pub (5 Saryan Street) are popular for knocking back a vodka or cognac while the DolceVita bar in Hotel Yerevan (14 Abovian Street) is an upscale place where visitors can sipona glass of local wine.

For travelers looking for goodnight out, Yerevan has several options.
Rising in popularity the past few years, karaoke is a great way to spend the night. 7Notes (Sayat- Nova Street) is known to play only the best music, but, as with most joints in the city, requires patrons and wannabe singers to make prior reservations. There are also a plethora of discos and night clubs, the most well known being the Bunker Club (Sayat-Nova Street) and The Opera Club (54,Tumanyan St), located in the basement of the Yerevan Opera Building.

Dining and Cuisine in Armenia
Café culture is big in Armenia, especially in the larger towns. Locals and tourists alike enjoy parking themselves at a sidewalk establishment to enjoy an afternoon of coffee and some old fashioned people-watching. Unsurprisingly, the restaurant scene is best in the capital of Yerevan. A popular choice is Proshyan Street which is fondly known as Barbeque Street because of the many bbqrestaurants specializing inkhorovats (grilled pork, lamb, chicken or beef).

Yerevan has a number offine dining restaurants which cater to both those wanting to sample local cuisine andfor visitors content to stick with home comforts. Dolmama's (10 Pushkin Poghots) creates a warm and homey atmosphere while Old Yerevan (2 Northern Avenue) has the best traditional Armenian meals and a wonderfully vibrant atmosphere. The best international food can be found at the trendy Marco Polo (1/3 Abovyan Poghots), which serves up delicious snacks in a modern setting.
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