Tuesday 14 November 2017

Solomon Islands - Food and Restaurants

The Solomon Islands have been greatly influenced by European powers since the 16th century. Tourists will be able to find plenty of international restaurants around the larger cities such as Honiara and Gizo. However, there are still spots where traditional cooking and cuisine can be found. The local food mainly consists of taro, coconuts,fish,and fresh fruits and vegetables. Of course, international cuisine has become much more popular throughout the country. Most night life venues are located inside the city of Honiara. Tourists will be hard pressed to find a night spot outside of the capital city.

Bars and Pubbing in Solomon Islands
In Honiara, tourists should try Club 106 (Pacific Casino Hotel, Kakum Highway, Honiara) which is supposed to be the best night club in town. Alternatively, the Flamingo (Chinatown Honiara Hotel, Honiara, Solomon Islands) is a nice spot for those who want to dance to great music. Also, Bula Bar (Henderson Airport Motel, Honiara, Solomon Islands) is fine option, especially when traveling with a group of friends.

Theisland of Gizo is hometo just the one evening establishment. It is the Bamboo Karaoke Bar , which is foundinside the Gizo Hotel. Visitors can spend hours singing to their favorite tunes with a non - stop flow of alcoholic beverage sat their disposal.

Dining and Cuisine in Solomon Islands

Dinner in Honiara can be had at many fine establishment's. Club Havana (Chinaton Honiara Hotel, Honiara) is a delightful restaurant with a unique French flair. It is definitely worth a try.  

Capitana Restaurant (Mendana Avenue, Town Center, Honiara) is a Japanese dining venue. It happens to be one of the best restaurants in the Solomon Islands. The Point Cruz Yacht Club (Mendana Avenue, Town Center, Honiara) is home to the best steak dinners in the city, the reason why it is always crowded.

In Gizo, the Nuzu Nuzu Restaurant (Middenway Road,Gizo Hotel, Gizo) is among the most popular dining venues on the island of Gizo. A perfect lunch time establishment is PT109 (Middenway Road, Gizo, Gizo Island),which is a simple cafΓ© named after John .F. Kennedy's sunken warship. Sometimes itis open for dinner. Even though Lamasa (Middenway Road, Gizo, Gizo Island)is closed on the weekends, and is very small,the food inside is simply divine.

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