Monday 15 August 2016

Chad Holidays and Festivals

There are 12 main Chad holidays, most religious in nature. Political events such as Independence Day and the Proclamation of the Republic are particularly festive, complete with parades and sports.

New Year's Day

January 1 is a national holiday in Chad. The New Year's Day celebration typically involves fun, food and festivities. All offices and shops are closed.

National Day

National Day is held every April 13 and is celebrated to honor Chad's independence.

Labor Day

Like many other countries in the world, Chad celebrates Labor Day on May 1. Government offices and private businesses are closed.

Liberation of Africa

May 25 is the celebration of Africa's liberation from colonial Europe. It is observed in other countries like the UK, US, Tanzania, Spain, Kenya, and Ghana. There are plenty of street marches, school lectures and artistic rallies.

Independence Day

Chad's Independence Day is celebrated annually on August 11. This public holiday commemorates the country's freedom from France. Sports and political assemblies are common and delegates from around the world visit at this time.

Muslim Events

The Feast of the Sacrifice, Ramadan, and Eid-al-Fitr are among the notable Muslim holidays in Chad. These religious events are celebrated by Muslim communities across the nation and honored by other Chadians. The dates vary with 2012's festivities in August, but the traditions remain the same. During the holy month, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. The End of Ramadan (Eid-al-Fitr) is celebrated with prayer, festivals and food.

Proclamation of the Republic

Chad remembers the declaration of its republic status every year on November 28. This day is all about fun and festivities, regardless of your religion. Some local communities organize political assemblies and sporting events.

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