Wednesday 20 April 2016

Festivals in Palestine


Palestine do not only include sites to be visited, there are many festivals that are taking place on weakly basis, musical and cultural festivals.

Olive Oil Festival

Every year in October, Manger Square comes to life with the sounds, sights and tastes of traditional Bethlehem, locals and visitors come together to celebrate the long tradition of olive harvest. From musical performances by local groups to traditional dances by the Artas Falklore Group, exhibiting booths line Manger Square featuring traditional Palestinian handicrafts, Olive Oil, Olive Oils Soups and the famous Cremisan wine.

Taybeh Oktoberfest – annual village festival

It is a two day celebration for Taybe Beer held in Taybeh, Ramallah, usually happens on the first Saturday and Sunday of October (excluding religious holidays ), and gives venue to local music groups to celebrate their talent and skills in promoting a different face of Palestine.

Theatre of the Oppressed

The Theatre of the Oppressed is now in its fourth year. The event features performances by local and international groups and is attended by people from around the world. The three-month "season" of theatre dazzles performance art lovers with dozens of extremely varied and unique performances from Ashtar and its international partners. While the Theatre of the Oppressed concept was born on the other side of the ocean and is currently all over the world, the unique experiences and talents of Palestinian artists, combined with the context of the occupation, make the Palestinian version stand out from the rest.

Artas Lettuce Festival

Since its debut back in 1994, the annual lettuce festival which takes a place in the beautiful village of Artas just south of Bethlehem near Solomon's Pool brings locals and visitors together in a joyful festival celebrating and honoring the eternal Palestine peasant. Organized by the Artas Folklore Center is truly an experience as you get the chance to interact with the living stones of this ancient land and experience the hospitality and culture of Palestinian in real life.

PalFest (Palestine Festival of Literature)

This is an annual event that aims to bring a cultural festival of international standard to audiences in Palestine to assert "the power of culture over the culture of power." The festival traveled through many cities in the west bank such as, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Ramallah, Hebron and Jenin.

Bethlehem live festival

Bethlehem live festival is held by the holy land trust for a four days in a row in June. The purpose of the festival is to revive star street. Traditional stores and restaurants are opened during the festival in star street with bands coming from all over the world to sing enjoy summer nights.

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