Friday 29 April 2016

How Sango Festival is Celebrated in Oyo Town, Oyo State Nigeria

Grand finale

This day marks the ending of the festival. On this day, a group of followers called
Elegun Sango would entertain the crowds with magic which many, find frightening. The Elegun Sango come from different parts of the country such as Oyo, Ekiti, Ede, Ibadan, Ajagba and Koso. They usually plait their hairs and their eyes are usually looking frightening.

The Elegun Sango Koso Alaafin, is usually the last to appear on the stage at the grand finale. He would go round Oyo township, praying for people, before coming to the palace. He greets the people and goes to Iya Ilekoto before leaving the palace.
The crowning of the Alaafin is usually done at the shrine of Sango in koso. It is a significant event for the Alaafin because without wearing the crown of Sango, he is not yet regarded as an
Alaafin. The crown gives him the right to rule from the old Oyo Empire to the present Oyo.
No doubt, the Sango Festival has lived up to its biling as a special day for the unification of the Yoruba race.
Sango played a major role in the advancement of the Yoruba race far beyond it borders, this just goes to show how important the World Sango day means to the Yoruba people.

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