Friday 8 April 2016


July: Festival of Avignon

The annual Festival d'Avignon is one of France's oldest and most famous festivals. Every year there are around 40 different shows in venues around the city, both French and non-French, in a variety of art forms — theatre, dance, music and cinema, many of them world or French premieres.

July: Chorégies d'Orange

The Chorégies d'Orange festival dates back to 1860 and is the oldest festival in France. The festival of opera and classical music takes place in a beautifully preserved Roman Theatre in Orange. The 9,000 spectators enjoy not only the incredible historic atmosphere of the ancient building but also, because it has retained the original stone stage wall, amazing natural acoustics. In 2016 the festival, which includes Puccini's opera. 

Madama Butterfly, runs from 9 July to 6 August (dress smartly).

Mid-September: Mulhouse Beer Festival

The city of Mulhouse in North East France holds an annual beer festival (Modial de la Bière Mulhouse) lasting three days and with a variety of events and shows. As well as drinking beer participants can watch beer contests, exhibitions on making beer and beer and cheese workshops.

September: World Puppet Theatre Festival, Charleville-Mézières

Every two years the Festival Mondial des Théâtre de Marionnettes or World Puppet Theatre Festival is held in the town of Charleville-Mézières in the Champagne-Ardennes region of France. For 10 days, 250 troupes from around the world perform around 200 shows — main festival, fringe, street shows — to 150,000 spectators. You'll find every sort of puppet from glove, through string marionettes and shadow puppets to the latest puppetry innovations. The next festival is in 2017.

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