Wednesday 6 March 2024

Some Facts About the African Continent Today

Africa has 60% arable land, Africa owns 90% of raw material reserve, Africa owns 40% of the global gold reserve, Africa owns 33% of diamond reserve, Africa has 80% of Coltan's global reserve (mineral for telephone and electronics production), mainly in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Africa has 60% of global cobalt reserve (mineral for car battery manufacture), Africa is rich in oil and natural gas, Africa (Namibia) has the world's richest fish coastline, Africa is rich in manganese, iron and wood, Africa is three times the area of China, three times the area of Europe, three times the United States of America, Africa has thirty-half million km2 (30 875 415 km2), Africa has 1,3 billion inhabitants (China has 1,4 billion inhabitants in 9,6 million km2). Which means Africa is SUBPOPULATED.

The arable lands of the Democratic Republic of Congo are capable of feeding all of Africa.

And all of Africa's arable land is a cord to feed the whole world. The Democratic Republic of Congo has important rivers that can illuminate all of Africa. The problem is that the CIA, western companies and several African puppets have destabilized DRC for decades and several African countries so they can have access to their resources.

Africa is a culturally diverse continent in terms of dance, music, architecture, sculpture, etc. Africa accommodates over 30,000 medicinal recipes and herbs that the West modifies in its laboratories.

Africa has a young global population that should reach 2,5 billion by the year 2050.

With all this Africa is known as one of the poorest continent in world because of lack of management, war, imperialism and neocolonialism.

📸 Map of Africa 1840 #africa

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