Monday 18 March 2024


Lord Enlil was in charge of the Anunaki gold mining operations that were here on Earth. 

24,000 years ago, Enlil decided to send his oldest son Ninutra to Bolivia.. not only to expand their gold mining operations out of South Africa, but his bloodline as well.

He and his son had noticed that his brother Enki's hybrid human bloodline was growing strong in Egypt, and that it could easily one day overrun the entire planet.

So.. even though Enlil highly detested the thought of breeding with the humans, they brought some of the children of Cain to South America, and employed Lady Ninmah to utilize their DNA to create a new mining Dwarf.

This new worker was specifically designed for the new region and worked well above, and below ground.. as they helped build the many gold mining complexes of South America.

In time, this new Peruvian work force would mine much gold for the Anunaki, and establish a culture of their own.. that would be similar to Egypt in many ways.

Via Aaron Steiner

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