Tuesday 17 January 2023

What do you know about Òkè-Ọde?

Oke-ode is a big town in kwara state, Nigeria.

Òkè-Ọde indigenes are responsible, reliable, trusted, honest, truthful, hardworking and peaceful. The people living  there lives comfortable and in happiness. Hence the reason why many people relocated from their town to Òkè-Ọde town. The earlier Òkè-Ọde were called Òkè-ilé, during their forefathers lifetime, they move from one Place to another which means they move from oke-ile village to oke-ode town. 

Since then they started building houses in oke-ode and is well developed, even people's outside the oke-ode come to visit the town while some stayed in the town and sell their market most especially on their market days.

Their market is an urban market, because people comes from osun state, kogi state, Ogun state and all the neighboring towns around Kwara State usually comes to the market in order to trade their market simply because market is moving well in oke-ode township.

So all this made oke-ode more unique and powerful among the rest. You too can come and visit oke-ode for better understanding whether you're a civil servant or trader, you will see that by the special grace of god, you will make your profit, because that is why people "rush in" to the town that is, everything is going smoothly the citizens of oke-ode now travels all over the world and many of them lives outside of Nigeria.

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