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Biggest Cities In Costa Rica

A busy street in San José​, Costa Rica's
biggest city.
San José, the capital and most populous city of Costa Rica, is also the political, cultural, and economic center of the country.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama bordering the Caribbean Sea and North Pacific Ocean. The country has an estimated population of 4,872,543 people who mainly reside in the urban centers. Below is a list of the largest cities in Costa Rica and their populations.

1. San José - 333,980

San José is the largest city in Costa Rica, with a population of 333,980. The city was founded around 1739. It is also the capital of Costa Rica. San José is located in the central valley, in the province of San Jose and serves as the capital of Costa Rica with national government offices located here. The city is an important economic and political center in Costa Rica.

2. Puerto Limón - 55,667

Puerto Limón, or simply Limón is the capital city of Limon province founded in 1870. The city has a total population of 55,667 people who are from various cultures making the city a multicultural urban center in Costa Rica. The city is composed of Afro-Caribbean who speaks Spanish and Limonese Creole. Limon has two main ports through which most of the Costa Rican exports are shipped.

3. Alajuela - 42,889

Alajuela is the third largest city in Costa Rica, with a population of around 42,889. Known as one of the most appealing cities in Central America, Alajuela is also known for its large mango production. For a brief period in the country's history, Alajuela was the capital.

4. Heredia - 40,840

Heredia is a city in Costa Rica with a population of 40,840. Sometimes called "the City of Flowers", Heredia is a small charming city that is home to a wealth of colonial buildings. Heredia is home to the National University of Costa Rica. Heredia is only around 11 km north of San José, and is sometimes considered to be part of San José's greater metropolitan area.

5. Cinco Esquinas - 36,627

Cinco Esquinas is the fifth largest city in Costa Rica. It is technically a part of San José.

Problems Associated With The Biggest Cities In Costa Rica

The largest cities in Costa Rica are home to a large number of people who move to these cities in search of employment and educational opportunities. However, this population increase in the cities has led to a set of problems such as congestion, increased crime rates, and violence. The rapid population growth in the country is likely to put a strain on the natural resources and decreased employment opportunities. Transport routes especially roads are faced with an influx of traffic slowing down movement from one place to another and increasing the chances of traffic accidents. Poverty rates in the country have led to increased crime rate and violence thus undermining the general security of the Costa Ricans. Congestion of people in the town has resulted in shortages of accommodation facilities and water. Other important cities in Costa Rica include Liberia, Puntarenas, San Vicente, Barranca, and Curridabat.

Which Are The Biggest Cities Of Costa Rica?

Rank City Population

1 San José 333,980
2 Puerto Limón 55,667
3 Alajuela 42,889
4 Heredia 40,840
5 Cinco Esquinas 36,627
6 Desamparados 36,437
7 Liberia 34,469
8 Puntarenas 32,460
9 San Vicente 31,693
10 Barranca 31,386

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