Thursday 8 February 2024


THERE ARE two kinds of Africans in Sierra Leone and Liberia. The first had been on the Mendel, Bambara, kru etc lands and had never moved. The second were returnees from the trans-atlantic slave trade when slavery was abolished, who were dropped on Freetown, Joseph Cinque was one of them. For example Helene Johnson is among decendants of returnees while George Weah is of the long inhabitants of the land. Among the returnees were the 'mulatos' who were product of Caucasians raping female slaves who were confronted with the words 'nothing is free in Freetown' when they arrived.

Comparing this situation with something similar during Trans-Saharan slave trade; there are two kinds of fulanis among the bororo herdsmen, fula etc. The original Fulani is fula from Guinea who spread out into west Africa. There is another group of Fulanis who were the product of Arabs raping African female slaves they captured during slave quest in East African and jihads in West Africa. These ones grew to become stateless with no identity and just got mixed up with the fula through Islamic scholars of the region. They were dropped in on them and they learnt the fula cultures and language.

The male slaves of the Arabs were castrated, that's why there is no black neighborhoods in Arabian cities, because they didn't procreate. The Arabs female slaves of African decent had children from being sex slaves to their captors. These ones' decendants were dropped in on the fula people. Others ended up with the Bedouins.

They were rich when they arrived northern Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Niger etc, no historian knew how. Their secretive way of life made it difficult till date. The indigenous population taxed them heavily until they turned the tables around and made the indigenous people like hausas and wadaoobe etc, their slaves. Today they had gotten mixed up with these group in languages and Islamic cultures, so much so that it's hard to differentiate them from the indigenous people. The only thing that stand them out is that they are always the elite of all the places they dominate through Islam. Even those among beggars end up as leaders of the beggars.

These ones had a different Agenda on West Africa... and it had never been of good cheers as long as history can provide. The other group of the fula people had no understanding of what the agenda is... They only see it as Islamic expansionism.

Source :the origin of Fulanis of West Africa. #africa

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