Saturday 9 December 2023


The Political and Philosophical meaning of History. "When someone controls your history that person controls you and that can be forever."

Between 1935 and 1937, Italy declared war on Ethiopia which has come to be part of history as Italo-Abyssinian War in an effort to colonise the old African empire.

Many Black Americans at the time organized thems and requested passports from the state in order to allow them to travel to Africa to support their brothers and sisters at home (by way of devoting their lives to fight to defend the kingdom) unfortunately, they were refused. At the same time, other Americans who traced their origins to Italy were granted the permission to go home and fight along with Italian Army against Ethiopia when they placed in their requests (Read American role in Italo-Abyssinia War for more detail).

Surprisingly, in later 1937 (the same year Ethiopia defeated Italy) some of the same black men who were denied the opportunity to go and support Ethiopia were granted the permission to go and fight in Spain under Abraham Lincoln Brigade (Lincoln Brigade was formed by a group of communist volunteers from the United States who served in the Spanish Civil War as soldiers, technicians, medical personnel and aviators fighting for Spanish Republican forces against the forces of General Francisco Franco and his Nationalist faction. The Lincoln Brigade was a mercenary force integrating white and black volunteers on an equal basis.) 

With the guidance of our Ancestors, the Ethiopians were able to defeat the Italians to avoid their colonization despite having less sophisticated ammunitions. 

The Ethiopian forces used lions, bees, wasps, and elephants in the war against the colonizers.

It is important to points out here that, Ethiopia has never been colonized. They trained these creatures to fight their enemies. This is just one of the many wonderful stories of our past!

There are many great things which the current generation can achieve for Africa if only we can put our minds to the African agenda and we stand together in unity.

By Kwadwo Agyei Yeboah #africa

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