Sunday 10 December 2023

The Discovery of An Underwater Pharaonic Tomb in Sudan (Photos)

An underwater archaeologist has found a pharaonic tomb located at the bottom of one of the pyramids near the city of Nuri in northern Sudan.

Archaeologist Pierce Paul Cressman said, according to the BBC, that he made a tremendous effort to reach the pharaonic tomb, adding that this was the first archaeological research of its kind conducted underwater in the archaeological area of ​​Nuri, which is one of the areas of the ancient royal tombs. in Sudan.

Chrisman found offerings made of gold that were still present in the tomb, indicating that these small statues made of glass were wrapped in gold, and while the water destroyed the glass from the base, the peeled gold cover remained in place.

Chrisman believes that these offerings were made to the pharaoh "Nastasen" who ruled the Kingdom of Kush for a short period, from 335 to 315 BC.

He explained that he and his team dug as much as they could, to reach a ladder of 65 degrees, which led them to the entrance to the cemetery.

He pointed out that they used special diving suits, considering that traditional wetsuits would have become very cumbersome, and then they used a hose to deliver oxygen from above to divers under the water.

There are three rooms, with beautiful arched ceilings, the size of a minibus, and when you move from room to room and it's pitch dark, you know you're in a cemetery if you don't light your own lamp, and then the secrets that surround the place begin to be revealed.

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