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Top Cities In Arizona

Arizona, best known for the Grand Canyon
is the 14th most populated US state.
Phoenix, the most populous city in Arizona, is the sixth most populous city in the United States.


Arizona is a state located in the southwest of the United States. It has a population of 6,828,065 made up of Non-Hispanic Whites (57.8%), Hispanics (29.6%), Native Americans (4.6%), African Americans (4.1%), Asians (2.8%), and other races (just over 15%). The biggest job providers in this state include government, transportation, and healthcare. Nearly 90% of the state’s population lives in urban areas. This article takes a look at which cities are the most populated and which are have the highest standard of living.

Most Populated Cities In Arizona


Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, is the most populated city in the state with 1,445,632 people. This size also makes Phoenix the most populated state capital in the country. Residents here live in a subtropical desert climate and are surrounded by the Sonoran Desert. This region is full of mountain lions, jackrabbits, and coyotes that sometimes make their way into city limits. Crime can be an issue here, as with most large cities, with violent crime rates at approximately 637 per 100,000 people. Currently, the city faces issues with illegal drug trafficking due, in part, to its proximity to the Mexican border. It has also been nicknamed the “Kidnapping Capital” (a crime associated with drug trafficking) of the US.


Following in second place is Tucson with a population of 520,116. This city is located 108 miles southeast of Phoenix and hosts the University of Arizona. The majority of economic activity here is based around this university which is also the second largest jobs provider in the city. Although currently, the city obtains most of its electrical energy from coal and gas powered plants, solar energy has become more popular. The university houses one of the largest solar fields in the world.

Below this article is a table of some other majorly populated cities in Arizona. Surprisingly, population size does not always mean the city offers a high standard of living. Those cities and towns are discussed next. So, which are the top cities in Arizona?

Most Livable Cities In Arizona

Paradise Valley

The two most populated cities do not make the list for top livable cities or the top cities in Arizona. This is due to a wide variety of factors including crime, education, and housing (to name a few). The town that does make it to the top of the list, however, is Paradise Valley. This urban area, with a population of 13,243, is notable for its low crime rate and is considered 68% safer than other cities in the country. Residents also enjoy a high income per capita and a stable housing market. The city is full of other amenities as well including spas and nearby hiking. Famous residents have included Muhammad Ali, Stevie Nicks, and Mike Tyson. The cost of living seems to be the only negative factor here, it is 112% higher than the rest of Arizona.


For some people, Paradise Valley might be too small. For them, living in an area with a significant population is important. If that’s the case, Gilbert, the 7th most populated city in the state, is also a top city in Arizona. The population here is 208,453 of which, 94% have obtained their high school diploma. That graduation rate is 14% higher than the rest of the state. Residents here enjoy low crime rates, high income per capita, and excellent local amenities. Nearby are two state parks that offer plenty of outdoor recreation. In 2010, this city was named “One of the Best Place to Live in the Nation”. The cost of living is 9% higher than other areas of the state and significantly lower than Paradise Valley.
There are many cities and towns to select when considering a move to Arizona. Important things to consider include quality of the education, access to healthcare, crime rates, the cost of living, home values, household incomes, and employment opportunities.

Top Cities In Arizona

Rank Name County Population (2010)

1 Phoenix Maricopa 1,445,632
2 Tucson Pima 520,116
3 Mesa Maricopa 439,041
4 Chandler Maricopa 236,123
5 Glendale Maricopa 226,721
6 Scottsdale Maricopa 217,385
7 Gilbert Maricopa 208,453
8 Tempe Maricopa 161,719
9 Peoria Maricopa 154,065
10 Surprise Maricopa 117,517

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