Saturday 11 January 2020

What Is the Capital of Arizona?

The skyline of Phoenix, Arizona.
The capital city of Arizona is Phoenix.
Phoenix is the state capital of Arizona. Arizona became a US state in 1912, and currently ranks 6th in total land area. As of 2017, Phoenix has a population of 1,615,017, which makes it the fifth largest city in the United States.

History of Phoenix

The capital of Arizona has a rich history which is well documented and preserved by the government in museums and galleries. The city's history dates back as far as 2000 years, when it was inhabited by the Hohokam tribe. The Native America people transformed Phoenix by introducing irrigation that converted semi-arid areas and desert into arable land on which crops could be grown. However, severe drought and floods raided the area and forced Hohokam people to flee the area. Years later, various other Native American tribes settled in the region. In 1867, former Civil War general Jack Swilling settled in the area, and fellow pioneer Lord Darrell Duppa is credited with naming the area "Phoenix," as the community was built on the ruins of former Native American settlements.


Phoenix is centrally located in the state of Arizona, which is one of the reasons why it was considered an ideal location for the capital. The landscape is generally flat, but is surrounded by hilly and mountainous terrain. Its metropolitan is located closer to the Salt River Valley, and is accordingly referred to as the "Valley of the Sun." The city has a total area of 517.9 square miles, and a population density of about 2797 persons per square mile.


Historically, Phoenix's economy has been highly dependent on agriculture, along with copper, cattle, cotton products, and citrus fruits. The introduction of a railway line in 1926 was significant, as it connected Phoenix to new markets. The city's current economy is built around real estate, plant manufacturing, retail trade, health care, insurance, and financial services.

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