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The Most Populated Cities in Alaska

The skyline of Anchorage, Alaska.
Anchorage is the most populous city in Alaska.

The United States Of America

Alaska is a US state that is located in the northwestern extremity of North America. The state is not part of the contiguous United States, but instead borders Canada's province of British Columbia and the Yukon territory. Alaska is the largest state in the country by area, but ranks 47th in terms of population, with a population of 710,231 in 2010. The rugged, mountainous terrain in most parts of the state and the harsh climatic conditions are factors that contribute to Alaska's low population. It is also the least densely populated state.

The Most Populated Alaskan Cities

1. Anchorage

Anchorage is the most populated city in Alaska. The city had a population of 291,826 in 2010, which represents 40% of the total state population. Also, the metropolitan area of Anchorage and the neighboring borough account for more than 50% of the state population. Anchorage is located on a peninsula in Alaska’s south-central portion, and encompasses an area of 5,079.2 square km. The city is a four-time recipient of the All-America City Award. Demographically, whites account for 66% of the city's population, and English is spoken at home by 82.3% of residents. The major sectors of Anchorage's economy are transportation, tourism, government, and the military.

2. Fairbanks

With a population of 31,535 in 2011, Fairbanks is the second most populous city in Alaska. It is located in the Interior region of the state, in the central part of the Tanana Valley. The mountains of the Alaska Range are visible from Fairbanks on a clear day, and it is the largest city in the region. Demographically, the city's population includes Whites (66.1%), African Americans (9%), Native American (10%), and the remainder includes Asians, Pacific Islanders, and others.

3. Juneau

The city of Juneau is the capital of Alaska. The City and Borough of Juneau occupy an area of 8,427.63 square km, making it the country’s second largest city in terms of area. Juneau is located at the base of Mount Juneau and is separated from Douglas Island by the Gastineau Channel. The island is part of the City and Borough of Juneau. The city's population fluctuates seasonally, increasing during the summer months when numerous tourists from visiting cruise ships enter the city. Juneau had a population of 31,275 in 2010.

4. Sitka

Sitka is the fourth most populated city in Alaska. The City and Borough of Sitka is located on the Alexander Archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, where it includes Baranof Island and the southern part of Chichagof Island. The city had a population of 8,881 in 2010. With an area of 7,434 square km, Sitka is the country’s biggest city-borough. The urban part of Sitka, which is referred to as the City of Sitka, is located on the western half of Baranof Island. Demographically, 64.6% of the city's population are Whites, and Native Americans account for 24.6% of the population.

5. Ketchikan

Ketchikan is Alaska’s southeasternmost city and the fifth most populated city in the state. The city had a population of 8,050 in 2010. Ketchikan was founded as a city in 1900 and is Alaska’s earliest extant city. The city is located on Revillagigedo Island, which is part of the Alexander Archipelago in the Pacific Ocean.

The Most Populated Cities in Alaska

Rank Name Population (2010)

1 Anchorage 291,826
2 Fairbanks 31,535
3 Juneau 31,275
4 Sitka 8,881
5 Ketchikan 8,050
6 Wasilla 7,831
7 Kenai 7,100
8 Kodiak 6,130
9 Bethel 6,080
10 Palmer 5,937

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