Saturday 2 September 2017

Indonesia Holidays and Festivals

Indonesia is a large country with more than one national culture thriving upon the archipelago. From festivals to world-renowned events, the Indonesia holiday calendar is filled with amazing celebrations. Bali's Art Festival is the pinnacle, offering tourists an unrivaled entertainment. If you can make it in January, the Lombon Festival on the first day of the year is another event not to miss.

Lombon Festival

New Year's events in Indonesia are celebrated across the country. However, it is interesting to note than due to the incredible length of the nation, the eastern region celebrates the coming of the New Year earlier than the western side. Nevertheless, the Lombon Festival on January 1 sees local fisherman give thanks to the sea for the year's catch. It is quite an interesting cultural experience for visitors.

Java Jazz Festival

The Java Jazz Festival held in Jakarta is one of the largest festivals in the country. It only began in 2005, making it one of the newest events in Indonesia, but has quickly risen in popularity. The festival lasts for three days at the beginning of March, and sees dozens of local and international artists display their talent across the capital city.

Kasada Festival

Come March, Indonesia celebrates the Kasada Festival, an event remembering the ancestors of its citizens. Most locals head to cemeteries and religious structures to pay tribute to their relatives, an act which is usually done with flowers. Feasts are also held during this event.

Manado Beach Festival

Manado is a popular tourist destination on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. During the month of July, the city hosts a popular event called the Manado Beach Festival, which celebrates the town's anniversary. For one week, Manado comes alive with performances, dances, music, cultural events and sports competitions.

Lembah Baliem Festival

Tourists can explore the beauty of Papua (Irian Jaya) and its culture by visiting the Baliem Valley in August. During this month, the valley plays host to the Lembah Baliem Festival, which sees local tribes showcase their history with mock tribal wars.

Bali Arts Festival

During the month of September, the Bali Arts Festival takes center stage. Thousands of art enthusiasts and culture buffs travel to the island for this several day event. Dance, arts, crafts, music and food are just some of the highlights.

Solo International Ethnic Music Festival

The Solo International Ethnic Music Festival is a large celebration that brings not only Indonesians to Solo, but also international music buffs. Held in the month of September for five days, the festival takes place at the Vastenburg Castle, which was built by the Dutch during their colonization of Indonesia.

Krakatoa Festival

The Krakatoa Festival is another important event held in October and lasts for about one week. It is celebrated upon several islands around the famous volcanic island of Krakatoa, which ferociously erupted in the 1920's. Dance and musical performances are capped off by a trip to the island.

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