Saturday 26 August 2017

Bangladeshi Pre-Wedding Rituals

Bangladeshi marriage ceremonies spread over several days and included many rituals. A traditional Bangladeshi marriage used to last for seven days. These days it expands to duration of four days. The favourite season for weddings in Bangladesh is winter . A Bangladeshi marriage is mostly an arranged affair.

Panchini (Engagement)

This is the first formal event. Family members of both the parities take part into this event. Most important things is that the couple is not allowed to take part in each other engagement function. First engagement ceremony is held at the bride's house where father of the groom presents a ring to the bride. The engagement ring is usually put on the fourth finger of the right hand by either her future husband's mother or grandmother. This is followed by a feast. A similar event is held for the groom at his family home, where the bride is represented by members of her family and friends. After this formal engagement, the couple are allowed to meet and socialize. They can take on the phone or they can go for shopping.

Mehendi Sondha or henna ceremony

This ritual takes place two days before the wedding. The hands and feet of the bride are decorated with henna. It is believe that turmeric paste makes the skin soft and make bride more beautiful for the wedding day. On this auspicious day everybody in the bride's party wear yellow dress. A ladies' only get together party is also organised which consists of close relatives and friends.

Nanimukh ceremony

In this ritual the eldest male member of the family pays tribute to the deceased male ancestors. An elaborate puja is conducted in which all the family members request their holy spirits to bless the couple to-be.

Gaye Holud

It is one of the most interesting parts of a Bangladeshi wedding. The atmosphere is similar to a grand celebration. This ceremony takes place at the bride's house and grooms house turn by turn. The groom's family visits the house of the bride and present her gifts which includes trays with sweets, outfits for the bride, including bridal saris, shoes or sandals, jewellery, and make-up, and gifts for her family. The bride shows respect by touching the feet of the elders. The bride sits on an elevated place. On this occasion there is a custom to wear yellow clothes. In the end a feast organised for the guests. The same function is conducted at the groom's house also where the guests will wear green, red, orange and yellow costumes.

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