Our tradition and culture are very beautiful and they have not been really explored to show the world about their values, teachings and meanings so as to educate what we are as a people. The idea behind this blog is to exhibit the spiritual side of African people positively to the world as against the perception of the west towards us . The beliefs in our different traditional religions like Ogun (the god of iron), Sango (the god of thunder and lightinning), Oya (god of the wind) etc. should be respected by all and sundry just like the respect accorded to the spiritual side of our counterpart in the west practicing astrology, palmistry, numerology etc. for the benefit of mankind. The blog is to let the world know that Ifa oracle for instance can forsee the past, the present and the future just like numerology and palmistry practiced in the western world. Numerology deals with the numbers like Ifa oracle and they are both media for divination but it just that Ifa oracle is much deeper than numerology in terms of numbers. African medicine, foods, hairstyle, fashion, music, dance, arts, culture and tradition etc are the focal points of this blog. And the onus is on all of us to cherish and promote what we have got as nobody can sing the praise of our culture and tradition more than we ourselves. Some Africans have lost their ancestral origin and linage as a result of embracing other religious beliefs that are completely alien to our cultural norms and values. So, this blog is to show us Africans about our origin and lineage so as to know who we are as a people, what we want and how we can get it.

Olalekan Azeez Oduntan was born 26 of May 1964 in Owu Totoro Abeokuta Ogun State of Nigeria. He attended African Church Primary School Owu Totoro Abeokuta. He proceeded to National College Of Commerce in Gbagada Lagos. He is a musician, poet, percussionist, a song writer, playwright and an author. He is also a producer and a researcher.  He is a researcher of Apala music, a genre of music known to Yoruba people from South West of Nigeria. Right from his school days in the university, he was taking part in a lot of stage productions with Professors Laz Ekweme, Akin Euba, Joy Nwozu Lo Bamijoko, Bode Osanyin, Uwa Hunwick and Alaja Brown. He plays an African wooden xylophone known as Marimba. He has written two stage plays ODUN IFA and ODARA. He has also written three books entitled ODARA, VENGEANCE and REVELATION OF OUR DREAMS.
He has done the soundtracks for a lot of stage productions and films, like SANGO (The legendary African King), THE MASK OF MULUMBA, THE AMAZONS OF AFRICA and a host of others. He has participated in stage plays like the Chartered Bridge, Omo Odo, The Trials Of Brother Jero,The Link, Comrade and Voltage, Obaseki, Lion and the Jewel, The gods are not to blame, Ogbanje etc. He took part in recording some albums for Decca Records with Professor Joy Nwozu. He was a member of  THE ELEKOTOS, a group by Professor Akin Euba that did a lot of shows for television stations and even some recorded albums in those days in Nigeria. He was a member of a group of percussionists called RUB with people like Late Ede Nwigwe, Daniel Koranteng, Akeem Anishere and Abu Lo Bamijoko.

And the group was entertaining the people within Nigeria and abroad. He took part in the JAZZHOLE MUSIC PROJECT involving Ras Kimono and Kayode Olajide and he contributed a track entitled BABAWA to the project. He has traveled within Nigeria and abroad. He took part in a movie Treasure Map by Femi Lasode and the movie will soon be released out. He did an album some years ago entitled LET US DANCE with AFRIKA 'N VOGUE MUSIC LABEL and the album consists of tracks like Okiki, Aye, Nigeria, Neoconialism, Enu, Abeokuta, Oya Oriri, Let Us Dance and Obafemi Lasode. He has recorded four albums after that music project and they are ABRACADABRA, MAMA AFRIKA, AFRIKAN JAZZ and THE MESSAGE. He is married with children.
+234 702 6496 440
 +234 817 3190 077

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