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Ethnic Groups And Nationalities In Iceland

Iceland exhibits little ethnic diversity with nearly 93% of the population of the region having an Icelandic origin.

Icelandic Culture

Iceland was under Danish rule until the late 19th century, when they created their own constitution. However, Denmark did not officially recognize Iceland as its own nation until 1918. Since then, Iceland has flourished into a thriving community but its population has remained one of the smallest in Europe. The country is in very good economic standing with a very low unemployment rate. A main reason for this is because of the high regard placed on hard work by the people. Iceland has a long history of farm work and fishing and this working class history is still respected and remembered. Since the industrial revolution, the economy has expanded and most people now live in or near the capital city, Reykjavik. Small communities still exist, though, and the history of a small population has created a culture focused on family values.

Polish Immigration And Interaction

Even though the Icelandic population is over 90% indigenous, the country has seen some immigration. The low crime rate, as well as work opportunities are both attractive pull factors. One of the largest groups of immigrants found in Iceland are from Poland, and have created their own communities within the larger Icelandic culture. There are Polish restaurants, grocery stores, and meeting places.

Stability And Peace In Iceland

Iceland seems like a difficult country for many people to live in because of the harsh climate and short daylight hours in the winter. Despite these obstacles, settlers have made it into a close-knit community with a cultural history that created the fundamental values to support their good economy and low unemployment rate. Over 96% of the population is Polish and Icelandic, with the rest of the minorities each making up less than 1% of the population.

Ethnic Groups And Nationalities In Iceland

Rank Ethnicity and/or Nation of Origin Share of Icelandic Population, 2014

1 Icelandic 93.0%
2 Polish 3.1%
3 Lithuanian 0.5%
4 Danish 0.3%
5 German 0.3%
6 Latvian 0.2%
7 British 0.2%
8 American 0.2%
9 Filipino 0.2%
10 Thai 0.2%

By Kasia Jurczak

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