Friday 28 March 2014


Chief Mufu Awoseyi Akinpelu

 (Oluwo Ifa, Abole, Olori Odo fun Orile - Shomolu)

IFA has been with the world from the time immemorial and has been rendering its services to both mankind and some other kinds. And the actuality and accuracy with which IFA divines is unimaginable and extraordinary. A custodian of IFA like my guest Chief Mufu Awoseyi Akinpelu is not only gifted with the knowledge of IFA but vast in divining and fortelling things to come with his cowries known as Eerindinlogun meaning the sixteen cowries. 

This is a mouth to mouth knowledge and the priest must be skilled with the signs and symbols of IFA to divine accurately and effectively. IFA  could either be divined by palm kennels known in Yoruba as IKIN or Divining chain known as OPELE. The third one according to history was given to the wife of ORUNMILA to divine for his customers while not around on his behalf.
So the cowries are the oracle for woman while IKIN or OPELE is the oracle for man. But all in all, they give the same messages to the people. My research even digs out that the Cowries talk more than the Palm kennels and it all depends on the deep knowledge of the Priest.
According to Chief Mufu Akinpelu, Orunmila is the custodian or the mouthpiece of  IFA while IFA itself is the pathfinder. An individual Priest must have gone through apprenticeship with different seasoned priests to acquint  himself with the knowledge properly. Chief Akinpelu said he acquired his own knowledge from his house because his lineage has always been an IFA Priest (BABALAWO). 

He was initiated to the lineage by his late father who was the head (Baale of Orile Shomolu) of entire Shomolu community. Chief Mufu Awoseyi Akinpelu said since the demise of ORUNMILA, the IFA PRIESTS have been representing him because ORUNMILA is the secretary general to all other 200 deities. Meaning Orunmila as a deity proffers solution to the problems of other 200 deities. And this is exactly what the BABALAWOS (The Priests) are doing today in the world.
They are prophets and problem solvers for the people of the world. They proffer solutions to problems like barrenness, bewitchment, sickness, madness, disillusionment etc. It is the Ifa Priest just like Orunmila that divines to appease either OGUN (the god of iron) SANGO (the god of thunder and lightening) OBATALA (the god of creation) ESU (the god of war) etc. The corpuses of IFA are sixteen and they are the symbols or indications followed by an IFA PRIEST to divine. 

They are his rules and regulations which he must abide by. Under each corpus of IFA are other sixteen corpuses with other different symbols or indications. The different corpuses are called ODUS in Yoruba. And the meanings and the symbols of the corpuses go thus: 

The Cowries for Divination known as EERINDINLOGUN.


  1. The first corpus of IFA and is called EJI-OGBE. Meaning progress, success in everything, becoming a leader or king, favourable marriage, richness, good health and success in business endeavors.

  2. The second corpus of IFA known as OYEKU MEJI. It means loss in undertaking, loss of property, Hatred from everywhere but a while things will change.
  3. The third corpus of IFA is IWORI-MEJI. This means that the success of whoever that this comes out for remains in his domain. He or she must not travel out of his or her domain.
  4. The fourth corpus of IFA is called ODI-MEJI. It means carefulness, vigilance, family problems, good children and progress afterwards.
  5. The fifth corpus of IFA is called IROSUN-MEJI. Meaning peace of mind,God's protection, successful marriage, good job opportunity, control of temper.
  6. The sixth corpus of IFA is called OWONRIN-MEJI. Meaning no more loss, travelling abroad, for pregnant woman, stomach troubled and success in general.
  7. The seventh corpus of IFA is called OBARA-MEJI. Meaning receiving visitor or travelling rewarding, successful marriage and happiness.
  8. The eighth corpus of IFA is called OKANRAN-MEJI. Meaning suit in law court, patience in all things, avoid quarrels,don't hurt or harm nobody.
  9. The nineth corpus of IFA is called OGUNDA-MEJI. Meaning unexpected journey abroad and may not come back home,successful business, good luck, good children and enjoyment of life.
  10. The tenth corpus of IFA and is called OSA-MEJI. Meaning success in everything, victory over the enemies, winning lawsuit, lots of children, kindness to others, be aware of being bewitched.
  11. This is the eleventh corpus of IFA and is called IKA-MEJI. Meaning do not travel in order not be afflicted. Do not embark on anything good. If you do by force will not be successful. Patience in everything.
  12. This is the twelveth corpus of IFA and is called OTURUPON-MEJI. Meaning assistance from your lover, small loss and after unexpected gains,some gains from abroad. But you will be meeting small disappointment. Be careful.
  13. The thirteenth corpus of IFA is called OTURA-MEJI. Meaning be careful of being blackmailed, be careful of thieves and fraudster, be careful of divorce and be secretive so that enemies will not get you. After there will peace in your life.
  14. The fourteenth corpus of IFA is called IRETE-MEJI. Meaning suffering and sadness, be prayerful to avert danger, be careful of shame because there is no assistance from nowhere.
  15. The fifteenth corpus of IFA is called OSE-MEJI. Meaning sit at home and success will be with yours, progress in everything, victory over enemies, good health, travelling, happiness, gains in everything.
  16. The sixteenth corpus of IFA is called OFUN-MEJI. Meaning beware of mistakes, if care is not taken, you will be stagnant, sickness, bewitchment, bereavement, stillbirth, Love.

These corpuses of IFA have other sixteen corpuses under each of them. And they all have different meanings and interpretations. These symbols were given to ORUNMILA to solve problems for mankind. And this lineage is what the IFA Priests all over the world are following today. Thank you!!!

Written and translated by Olalekan Oduntan. Copyrights: © 2014


  1. Interesting article, I wonder if this practise is similar to the reading of Tarot Cards?

  2. Thanks Frannie. Yes much much more deeper than the reading of Tarrot Cards. It for tells the past,the present and the future.

  3. Thanks Frannie. Yes much much more deeper than the reading of Tarrot Cards. It for tells the past,the present and the future.


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